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Last Updated: Wednesday, May 06, 2009 06:03:04 PM

4/14/09 Grades posted here:  Section 1   Section 2
Feb 17, 2009 Assignments page has been updated with the next weeks assignment.  They are not due till 3/3 because next week we have a mid term.  Readings page updated with chapter 4 readings.  Use the threads already posted on the forums to prepare for the test.  Dont start a new thread.  Thread on chapter 1-4 should be used as a study guide and discussing questions and answers from end of chapters 1 to 4.
Feb 09, 2009 Assignments page has been updated with the next weeks assignment.  Readings page updated with chapter 3 readings.  4 new threads created on ning.com for using as a study guide and discussing questions and answers from end of chapters 1 to 4.
Feb 03, 2009 I have created a social networking website at http://mis-sjsu.ning.com/.  Ask questions and get answers from your peer.  You get 5 points for asking or answering a question up to a max of 100.  Max 10 questions will be considered from grading.  (This is to encourage you to answer other people also). However more you participate, better the likelihood that I make an exception and round your 89.1% into 90% for an A-.  Your questions should include what efforts you have put in to solve the problem and where you got stuck.  For example, instead of asking  how do I change the color of this control? or what is the code for Fibonacci series, try asking something like, I am trying to change the color of this control by doing this! I have tried this other way but it is still not working.  Can anyone suggest an alternate way?  Or I am trying to write a code for Fibonacci series using this loop but it is not working.  Here is my code.  Does anyone see any error or suggest a solution?

Sign-in with your real names as displayed in MySJSU. So that I can verify your contents. 

Feb 03, 2009 Assignment page has been updated for this weeks topics.  Only two questions based on what we discuss in the class today. Download page updated with images required for assignment.

Readings page updated with lecture 2

Jan 27, 2009 Office hours are on Wednesday 1-6PM.  I understand that some of you will always be busy during those hours because of work or class conflicts.  To accommodate such students, i will hold online office hours using elluminate.  These will be need based so the timings will be announced in the class or on this website.
Jan 27, 2009 Spend this week reviewing material on your text books companion website.  Watch the tutorial videos available below.  They will go a long way in your success in this class.  http://wps.aw.com/aw_gaddis_vb2008_4/82/21177/5421431.cw/content/index.html
Jan 27, 2009 Welcome to the class website. Here you will find information about assignments, projects, and other material required for the class.  If i make any update to this website, it will be noted here.