What's New on INFORMS Online?

March 1, 1999:

Materials from the 1998 INFORMS Doctoral Colloquim are available.

Press Release: Rational Shopping Behavior - Grocery Shopping Tips from Wharton & UCLA Professors.

March 8,1999:

The Cincinnati National Meeting preliminary program now includes abstracts.

The ACI Database has been updated to include information from IAOR, Volume 50, No. 1.

February 1, 1999:

The Job Placement Service has been updated for the January-June, 1999 period. Note particularly the Job Fair planned for the Cincinnati meeting.

The deadline for nominations for the 1999 INFORMS Expository Writing\par Award is February 26, 1999.

The Speakers Program has been updated with many new speakers.

February 15, 1999:

Press Release: Legalize Form of Bait and Switch, say Professors;
Consumer Taboo is Debated in Scholarly Journal

January 4, 1999:

Happy New Year! Make a New Year's Resolution: Promote your profession
by assisting INFORMS' public relations outreach to the press and the
public. Are you working on a project you think might interest
business, science, and general readers? Do you know an INFORMS member
with a fascinating personality and a good old fashioned story to tell?
Contact INFORMS PR Director Barry List at (800)4INFORMS, (410)
691-7852, or barry.list@informs.org. (http://www.informs.org/Press)

Press Release: INFORMS President Named MIT Dean Of Engineering

The Call for Nominations for the 1999 INFORMS Expository Writing Award
is now available. Deadline: February 26,
1999. (http://www.informs.org/Prizes)

Profiles in OR/MS interviews Majors Jeffrey Huisingh and Randy
Zimerman, Co-directors of the Federal Travel Reinvention
Laboratory. (http://www.informs.org/Profiles)

January 11, 1999:

Press Release: Chicago's Peoples Energy Uses Complex Model to Save
Ratepayers $50 Million Yearly, Journal Reports

The Teaching Effectiveness Colloquim exposes INFORMS members to a wide
variety of creative approaches to teaching operations research and
management science.

January 18, 1999:

Call for Nominations for the 1999 INFORMS Prize for the Teaching of\par OR/MS Practice. Deadline March 25, 1999.

Call for Nominations for the 1999 George Nicholson Competition for this year's best OR/MS paper written by a student. Deadline February 25, 1999.

January 25, 1999:

Show your membership with INFORMS Membership graphics!

Call for Nominations for the 1999 Daniel H. Wagner Prize for\par Excellence in Operations Research Practice. Deadline for submission\par of abstracts is March 1, 1999. The prize is open to anyone with an unpublished paper describing a successful practice application, with a cash prize of $1,000.00. Last years' finalists and winning entry are\par announced on the prize page.

Industry Consortium for students at the Cincinnati Conference information is now available.

December 7, 1998:

The INFORMS Online Bookstore highlights books in OR/MS. All proceeds
go to advance INFORMS educational and professional goals.

December 21, 1998:

Press Release: Poor Odds For Continued Recovery Among Addicts Who Start Young, Minorities, OR Study Confirms

The December issue of OR/MS Today is online.

June 1, 1998:

A new section, called OR in the Press has been added to INFORMS
On-Line. It lists places in the national and international media that
have been publishing articles describing the application of Operations
Research and taking it to a much broader audience.

Press Release: Brain Surgeon Not Required: Expert in Artificial
Intelligence Challenges Dominant Theory About the Human Brain

June 8, 1998:

Press Release: Operations Researchers Meet in Tel Aviv: Invisible Profession Makes Sense of Life's Details

INFORMS Education Forum has a redesigned page featuring case links, readings, and much more.

The Tel Aviv bulletin has been updated again. This is the final update of abstracts before the meeting.

June 16, 1998:

Topics in OR are affordable monographs and collections of papers
available from INFORMS.

Call for Entries for the 28th Annual Franz Edelman Award For
Achievement in Operations Research and the Management Sciences.

News and Announcements: Mathematics of OR is seeking a new Editor.

The June issue of OR/MS Today is online, including its Nonlinear
Programming Software Survey.

May 4, 1998:

Press Release: Before It's Off The Ground: Better Analyzing Proposed
Technologies in Aviation, Aerospace, Preview at Montreal Convention

News and Announcements: Interfaces is seeking a new Editor-in-Chief.

May 11, 1998:

Online registration is now available for INFORMS Tel Aviv.

News and Announcements: Information Systems Research (ISR) is looking
for an editor.

Press Release: The Science of Clearance Sales: Retailers Can Save
Millions by Taking Markdowns Sooner, Giving Steeper Discounts

INFORMS Newest Society is the Computer Science Technical Society
Contact Richard S. Barr (Chair), Southern Methodist University,
(214)-768-2605 to find out more about this dynamic group.

Interested in Java for OR/MS? Glenn Bailey is seeking session chairs
for the The Cincinnati Spring, 1999 INFORMS Conference.

INFORMS Newest Section is the Revenue Management Section Contact
M. Kevin Geraghty (770)579-5720 for more information and to become a
member or officer.

Calling All Military Applications Session Chairs! Please contact LTC
Glenn Bailey if you want to organize a session for the The Cincinnati
Spring, 1999 InfORMS Conference.

The student chapter of the University of Virgina is pleased to
announce their home page. Contact John B. Willis

Press Release: First Top Award in Operations Research/Management
Science to South American Company: Finalists Include Major Companies
and Small Southerm School District

May 25, 1998:

The Tel Aviv bulletin has been updated.

Gerald Shapiro has taken over the Chair position from Fred Wieland for
the 1999 Aviation Applications Student Paper.

Nominations are being solicited for the INFORMS 1998 Doctoral
Colloquium to be held in conjunction with the Seattle National

April 6, 1998

INFORMS is looking for a new Executive Director to replace the retiring Randy Robinson. This is a great opportunity to take a leadership role in our society. (http://www.informs.org/Jobs/ads/119.html)

Press Release: Operations Researchers Meet In Montreal: Invisible Profession Makes Sense of Life's Details (http://www.informs.org/Press/Montreal98.html)


April 13, 1998

The organizers for the Cincinnati National Meeting (May 2-5, 1999) have launched their organizers' page. Please contact the appropriate Sponsored or Invited Cluster Chair if you would like to submit a session or paper. Contact David Rogers if you are interested in organizing a cluster. A special Kentucky Derby Outing is being coordinated for the Cincinnati conference (May 1, 1999). Applications are available at the organizers' page or by email from CochraJJ@UCbeh.san.UC.edu. Due date: April 29, 1998. (http://www.econqa.cba.uc.edu/~informs.spr99.cinti/)

Professional Opportunities: Since April 4 of last year, 135 jobs have been posted at INFORMS Online. If you are looking for a job change in OR/MS community or looking for an entry-level position, please check out the links under Employment Services, or visit the Career Center at the INFORMS Student Union. (http://www.informs.org/Jobs/)

News and Announcements: Organization Science seeks German Language Reviewers. (http://www.informs.org/News/items/15.html)

The INFORMS Montreal bulletin has been updated to include abstracts. (http://www.informs.org/Conf/Montreal98/)

April 20, 1998

A new educational programs home page. This contains descriptions of
many degree programs supporting operations research and the management
sciences, and it ``is designed for use by undergraduates planning
their graduate work, by individuals planning for doctoral studies, by
high school students doing longer-range educational planning, by
counselors advising students, and by faculty seeking information about
other graduate programs.''

Press Release: Waiting Can Kill: "Queue Tips" on Avoiding Road Rage,
Unbearable Lines at Montreal Convention

Montreal Meeting special edition:

Don't forget the Montreal Spring Meeting, coming up April 26-29.  The
weather this week has been great, and we hope it continues that way:
there is no snow and, during the day, the temperature goes up in the
50's.  Before packing your suitcase, you can check the weather
forecast: (http://cnn.com/WEATHER/html/MontrealQuebec.html)

Check out the web page of the local committee to see a live picture of
downtown Montreal: (http://www.crt.umontreal.ca/~mtl98/)

Meet the Editors! If you are attending the Montreal Meeting, feel free
to meet the editors of INFORMS Online at their twice-annual
reception. Monday, 6PM-7:30PM (before the General Reception),
St. Leonard room in the Bonaventure Hilton.

Survey of Visitors. Help us improve the features of INFORMS Online and
be eligible to win $50!  Answer our brief survey and you will be
eligible to win one of eight $50 prizes. One entry per person!

A preliminary session database and a printable registration form are
now available for INFORMS Tel Aviv. Online registration will be
available soon. (http://www.informs.org/Conf/TelAviv98/)

Press Release: "TRAMAH" Model Seeks to Improve Emergency
Response. Paper uses Maryland as Test Region

March 2, 1998

There are many new listings on the Conference Page (including the call for papers for the 1998 Winter Simulation Conference). (http://www.informs.org/Conf/)

Press Release: Partnering with Chinese Companies - Tips from a Management Scientist. (http://www.informs.org/Press/ChinesePartners.html)

The Section on Group Decision Making has a new Web site. Webmaster L. Floyd Lewis invites you to visit their new site! (http://www.cbe.wwu.edu/gdn/)

March 9, 1998

The Montreal conference page now has a Message Exchange board--a great way to locate a rommmate for the meeting! (http://www.informs.org/Conf/Montreal98/)

Application details announced for the 1998 George B. Dantzig Dissertation Award - deadline July 10, 1998. (http://www.informs.org/Prizes/dantzig.htm)

Announcing the Newest Subdivision: Quality and Statistics Section. If your are interested in this area, you can contact Jan Shi to get started! (http://rmt-diagnosis.engin.umich.edu/informs/index.html)

Press Release: NCAA Conference Creates Schedule with New Algorithm (http://www.informs.org/Press/NCAA.html)

Do you have an online version of your Montreal presentation? Tell us about it, and we'll include the link in the online bulletin with your abstract! (http://www.informs.org/Conf/Montreal98/addurl.html)

March 30, 1998:

Deadlines for INFORMS Montreal are fast approaching! Conference preregistration deadline is April 1, and hotel reservation deadline is April 2. (http://www.informs.org/Conf/Montreal98/)

Nominations requested for the INFORMS John von Neumann Theory Prize - deadline for nominations is April 8, 1998. (http://www.informs.org/Prizes/vonneumannprize.htm)

News and Announcements: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics is updating the current three K-12 standards documents (Curriculum and Evaluation, Assessment, and Teaching) for the 21st century. (http://www.informs.org/News/items/13.html)

News and Announcements: INFORMS Announces 1999 Election Nominations. (http://www.informs.org/News/items/12.html)

Press Release: Finding a Parking Space Can Be a Science Operations Research Study Shows (http://www.informs.org/Press/ParkingScience.html)

February 2, 1998

The preliminary bulletin for the INFORMS-Montreal Conference is now online. (http://www.informs.org/Conf/Montreal98/)

February 9, 1998:

CPMS, The Practice Section of INFORMS has just announced a US$1,000.00 cash award for the winner of the 1998 Daniel H. Wagner prize. Be sure to get your entries in soon - the deadline is March 15, 1998. (http://www.informs.org/Prizes/wagnerprize.htm)

Videotapes from the Edelman Competition are now listed online with a printable order form. See also Practice Online's Searchable Index of Edelman Abstracts for the best in OR/MS Practice. (http://www.informs.org/Edelman/) (http://silmaril.smeal.psu.edu/pol/interfaces/edelman/index.html)

February 16, 1998

Online preregistration for INFORMS Montreal is now available. (http://www.informs.org/Conf/Montreal98/)

The Annual Comprehensive Index bibliographic database has been updated to include data from Vol. 48 of IAOR - this runs through early 1997 (approximately). (http://www.informs.org/Biblio/ACI.html)

February 23, 1998

The local organizers for the Seattle National Meeting (Fall, 1998) have a page. Contributed paper submission and more coming soon! (http://www.math.org/seattleinforms.html)

INFORMS members Al Blumstein, Art Geoffrion, and Bill Maxwell have just been elected to the National Academy of Engineering. (http://www2.nas.edu/whatsnew/283e.html)

January 5, 1998

INFORMS Press Releases are now online. These short articles alert the media to important advances in the fields of OR/MS. (http://www.informs.org/Press/)

January 12, 1998

The December 1997 issue of OR/MS Today is now online (

January 19, 1998:

Call for Nominations: 1997 Lanchester Prize (http://www.informs.org/Prizes/lanchesterprize.htm)

1998 George Nicholson Student Paper Competition details now on-line. (http://www.informs.org/Prizes/nicholsonprize.htm)

1998 Outstanding Simulation Publication Award details now available on-line. (http://www.informs.org/Prizes/cosimpz.htm#SimPubAward)

Details of a number of the winning submissions have been added to the Prizes pages for the following Prizes/Awards: Frederick Lanchester Prize for the Best Published Work in OR/MS - past winners. John von Neumann Prize for Fundamental Contributions to Theory - past winners. INFORMS President's Award for Contributions to Humanity - past winners. (http://www.informs.org/Prizes/)

The Job Placement Service has been reset for the January 1998-June 1998 period. The previous JPS ended up with 115 jobs and 302 applicants. (http://www.informs.org/JPS/)

January 26, 1998

The Cincinnati-Dayton Chapter has photos of their Fall Meeting. Cincinnati-Dayton is the host of the 1999 Spring Meeting. (http://www.econqa.cba.uc.edu/~informs.cinday/)

The Redstone Arsenal-Huntsville Military Operations Research Section is pleased to host the 1st Military Applications Society's National Meeting. The Meeting will take place 19-21 May 1998. (http://www.ida.org/ida/organiza/card/1stnatl.htm)

The INFORMS Student Affairs Committee announces three special sessions for students who are considering a career in industry. The sessions will be held on the Sunday of the Montreal meeting. (http://www.isr.umd.edu/~jwh2/iol/union/grad-industry.html)

December 1, 1997

A searchable index of INFORMS Online is now available. (http://www.informs.org/#search)

December 8, 1997

Recruiting season is here; have a look at the rebuilt Student Union's Career Center. (http://www.anderson.ucla.edu/informs/career/)

December 15, 1997

Forthcoming papers from the Journal on Computing are available. (http://www.informs.org/Pubs/Jocforth.html)