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International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition

Recruiting Teams for the 2014 Competition

The 50th annual International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition will be held from February 7 to April 26, 2014. The competition is again being hosted by CSU Long Beach.

The College is currently soliciting teams from the Lucas Graduate School of Business and the Sbona Honors program. We are holding a number of "open-houses" where we will provide an overview of the competition and where you can meet past competition winners who will share thier experiences.

Date Time Location
Thursday, Oct 31st 5:00pm BBC 032 (main campus)
Tuesday, Nov 5th 5:00pm BBC 032 (main campus)
Wednesday, Nov 6th 5:00pm Bunker Hill Lane (off-site campus)

Preparation for the competition begins on December 14th with a hands-on session, at which you can get an insight into the planning and decision making involved in the simulation.

Training begins in ernest in January with sessions on the 11th, 18th and 25th. The competition proper begins Februady 4th. For more information contact Prof. Simon Rodan or Prof. Richard Okumoto.

About the ICBSC

Since 1982, students from the College of Business at San José State University have competed in the annual International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition, an intercollegiate business simulation contest between schools from around the country and abroad.

After some initial training in January, teams plan and implement 20 quarterly sets of managerial decisions guiding a virtual company through 5 years of operations. In the course of the 3 months of the competition teams learn to integrate functional business knowledge, navigate challenging macro-economic conditions, and develop a strategic plan and coherent tactical responses to changing market conditions and competetive actions. Success depends on building a coherent understanding and a predictive model of the business, assessing risk, disaggregating assumptions, and executing flawlessly.

Teams are evaluated by judges from a variety of industries—who bring an enormous amount of high-level managerial experience to the competition—on the level and consistency of their company's financial performance, the quality of their business plan and an annual report.

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Participation in the competition may earn course credit through registration in B294. Admission is by instructor consent.

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