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You are required to go to the following site to enter your enrollment information prior to the class:

Welcome to the BUS1 120B Web Site, this page is designed for students who have enrolled in the  BUS1 120B Advanced Accounting Information Systems Course. Students are requested to visit this section of the site and look for announcements and updates to the class at least once a week and two to three days prior to the course to look for announcements, and course updates.

Since half of the class is in lecture format, and lectures are based on the Romney and Perry books Power Point Presentations, you are encouraged to download your materials ahead of class and review prior to the lectures.  This will help you prepare for the class and have a better understand of the materials.  Additionally, students are encouraged to form study groups to better understand  the concepts discussed during the lectures and prepare for the tests.  All downloadable PowerPoint presentations are in Winzip 8.0 self-extracting executables, thereby will not require that you to download Winzip software to extract.  However, it is possible that you may not be able to download self-extracting executable files from where you work, I have posted Winzip format files as well, and you should download these files from home or at the University.  In order for you to unzip these files, you will need to download Winzip from

There will be a quite a few exercises and projects through the course, so please take advantage of the learning experience and enjoy the class.

Fall 2007
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