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Administrative Matters Links to syllabi (materials are on Canvas): Business 223F (Accounting Methods)
MST News on Twitter Business 223A (Tax Research) Business 225F (State Taxation Fundamentals)
Primary Authority Links Business 223E  (High Tech Tax capstone)  
SJSU MST Mission & Learning Objectives Business 225H (Taxation of Property Transactions)  
Tips for Academic Success Business 225K (Advanced Ind Tax)  
Reports Sometimes Mentioned in Class   How to Get Free Student Membership in AICPA and CalCPA
Career & Personal Development Information Business 227B - Ethics for Tax Practitioners Social media links for MST Students and Alums
How to Reserve a Study Room in King Library Business 227D, Employment Tax/Modern Workforce How to Access RIA, CCH and BNA     
  Business 227E, Foundation for Understanding Taxation  

Administrative Matters

How to Access RIA, CCH, BNA and IRS Tax Research Tools

How to Get Free Student Membership in AICPA and CalCPA

Tips for Academic Success


Business 223F, Tax Accounting Methods and Periods  [Spring 2015]

Business 225K, Advanced Individual Taxes [Fall 2014]


Business 223A, Tax Research & Decision-making (MST)  [Spring 2015] 

Reports Professor Nellen Sometimes Make Reference to in Class

Academic Integrity and Avoiding Plagiarism

University Policy: Your own commitment to learning, as evidenced by your enrollment at San Josť State University, and the University’s Academic Integrity Policy requires you to be honest in all your academic course work.  Here are some key points from that policy, but you are highly encouraged to read the entire policy as well.  The SJSU Academic Integrity Policy can be found at

Additional Information from Professor Nellen

Instructions for Accessing the Plagiarism Tutorial Provided by the SJSU Library (tutorial only required for 223A students): 

  1. Go to the tutorial pages at   (see link to plagiarism tutorial on right side of this page)

  2. Select the plagiarism tutorial 

  3. Click on First Time Students option and enter the requested information (if you don't have a student ID yet, use 123456789)

  4. Begin the tutorial.

When in doubt - ask your professor.

Updated    January 6, 2015

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