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About the Joint SoM/SGIL Honors Program

The School Global Innovation and Leadership (SGIL) and the School of Management (SoM) jointly offer an honors curriculum comprising two courses. The first, offered by the School of Management, is a seminar class. The second, taught by the School Global Innovation and Leadership, is a practicum. Together they offer a coherent, balanced and demanding learning experience.

The join SGIL/SoM Honors curriculum offers a unique learning opportunity combining rigor with practical experience. In the seminar, you will have the chance to learn in small classes that enable faculty to provide a more personalized learning environment. The practicum involves taking on a project that will challenge you to think deeply and broadly about a real business problem. You will be in the company of highly motivated, high achieving students, enabling you to concentrate on tackling deminding material.

The Sbona Honors Program will help you grow into more flexible and rigorous thinkers, and provide valuable experience dealing with real business problems. Completing the program will set you apart from other students in the job market. But we hope that it will do more than just get you a job; we hope that the experience will be one that will be of value to you in your prefessional lives for may years to come.

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An open house for prospective students is normally held 2-3 weeks prior to the application deadline; see the Sbona Honors Program website for specific dates.