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Business Productivity Tools

For Office 2007

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In-Class Assignments


Fill out during first day of class.

Java Juice

Java Juice

Chapter 4 Samples

Chapter 4 Excel Samples

Sample Charts

Chapter 5 Chart Pictures

Beverage Sales Forms

Inventory Form Examples

BPTData.xlsx 2007

Excel Worksheets for in-class


Final Exam

Daily Lesson Summaries

Learning Objectives self-test.

Study Guide

Summary of Important Points


Sample Exam

DataSet.xlsx2007 version

Final Exam Worksheets


Supplemental Course Material

Internet Explorer Tips

Fire Fox Tips

Keyboard Shortcuts for Word

Excel Tips and Techniques

Linear Programming in Excel

IF Function Practice

Summary of Excel Concepts

Time Value of Money

IF Function Video

VLOOKUP Function Video


Key Life Skills

Here are some of the lessons Iíve learned from my life.

Presentation Skills

Learning Skills

People Skills

Communication Skills


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