Subhankar Dhar, Ph.D.


Subhankar Dhar is a faculty in the Department of Management Information Systems at San Jose State University. Dr. Dhar's research interests are in the areas of distributed, mobile and pervasive computing. In addition, he is also interested in information technology outsourcing and entrepreneurship in high technology. He teaches a variety of courses including networks, data and telecommunications, and distributed information systems. His publications have appeared in reputed international journals and gave presentations to various international conferences. He serves as a member of the editorial board of International Journal of Business Data Communications and Networking. He is a reviewer of papers for various international journals, conferences and scholarly publications. He also served as a member of the organizing committee of various international conferences like International Conference on Broadband Networks (BroadNets) and International Workshop on Distributed Computing (IWDC). Dr. Dhar has several years of industrial experience in software development, enterprise resource planning, consulting for Fortune 500 and high-tech start-ups including product planning, design, and information systems management.