In an effort to foster entrepreneurial spirit among students and to provide better support on their journey toward becoming successful entrepreneurs, SVCE launched a mentoring program in Spring 2009 targeting student teams participated in the 2008 Neat Ideas Fair (NIF).

The purpose of the mentoring program is to facilitate connections between judges for the NIF and their selected teams. The judges voluntarily offer guidance to teams in order to help them develop business ideas into real enterprise. Students benefited from the program enjoy the great opportunity as it provides valuable resources for them to grow and to fulfill their dream of starting their own business.

The following teams and mentors participated in the Spring 2009 mentoring program:

Mentoring Teams Mentor(s)
CRO Connect Mike Rose
Formula SAEWanda Ginner
Dave HaddenBharat Dave
Green KioskBharat Dave
PillstarWanda Ginner
Wedding Officiants Wanda Ginnere