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Dr. Jerry Thomas is a tenured, full Professor of Marketing and Quantitative Studies in the College of Business. He holds the B.S. (Management), M.B.A., and Ph.D. (Marketing) Degrees. He has been the Director of Graduate Programs, Associate Dean of the College and has been selected outstanding professor of the college. Dr. Thomas is the author of many academic/trade journal articles, conference proceedings, and industry white papers, as well as three books. He also maintained a successful private consulting practice for 20 years, which regularly advised 25 Fortune 500 companies. Dr. Thomas' academic and professional specialty is the study of customer propensity in high-technology voice/data communications markets.

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BUS 130 Introduction to Marketing
BUS 139 Marketing Management

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The following is the complete and unedited student evaluation as collected and published by Tau Delta Phi, The Tower List.


Professor Thomas is highly recommended by his students. He is said to be an "excellent speaker, dynamic in both techniques and topics" who "makes maximum use of class time." "His classroom lectures are interesting as well as entertaining," says an 'A' student. Furthermore, "He's very knowledgeable in marketing with all his outside interests which he shares with us in class." Prof. Thomas"encourages independent thought" and is "highly motivating." "He keeps the class interested and encourages questions and classroom participation." A major strong point seems to be that he is "thoroughly involved with the welfare of his students." One student wrote, "His office door is always open to students." Another student calls Dr. Thomas "literally the model professor." "He is a sheer joy to learn from!" raves another student. "(A) standing ovation is more than in order! " quote.gif (31156 bytes)

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(BUS 130) Lecture and discussion; (BUS 139) Lecture, discussion, problems, situational analysis.


(1) To help students market themselves by developing the skills most rewarded by business and industry;

(2) To help students develop a competitive advantage in successfully obtaining and navigating a marketing career;

(3) To help students understand "educational ideas" in the context of "real world" day-to-day business marketing practice-- why some ideas work and why some don't.         


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