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Welcome to the Site for Committee Chairs


This page provides some resources to help you succeed as a committee chair and to make your committee time easier, more pleasant, and more efficient.

Chairing a committee can be a daunting yet, of course, very worthwhile task. The job of a committee chair is a complex one that requires the diplomatic skill of a seasoned politician, the team management skill of a major league professional sports coach, and even the patience and fortitude of an ant colony at a picnic.

All of this is compounded by the fact that you are doing this in addition to your regular work of teaching, research, and other administrative assignments. Moreover, most of your fellow committee members are peers or people whom you may not know, whom you don't supervise, and whom do not necessarily get rewarded for working on the committee.

Fortunately, you have several things going for you that make your job a bit easier. First, we are truly lucky to have terrific faculty members who are dedicated to their jobs and the university and who largely are willing to devote the time and effort necessary to get the job done. Second, we hope this page will give you some useful information and provide you with some ideas about where to go for more resources.


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Basic information on chairing a committee

Managing tasks

Managing members

Managing interactions and meetings
Managing the committee context
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