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Computer Business Research



B188 Business Systems

Fall, 2014


Wednesday 3 pm Course Outline               Thursday 3 pm Course Outline



Class intranet.  Course material at this link. Sign in as you would for MySJSU.  If you are being asked for permission, log out of any accounts other email accounts and try again.  Check the upper right of your browser to sign out.


Canvas Login To send a message to the instructor, use email, not canvas.  g.webb@sjsu.edu


Ebook  JerryPost.com  Use the Management Information Systems Book, most current version, $10.  See the help page on the class intranet to get instructions for downloading the book.


Office 365l announcement  http://blogs.office.com/2014/09/22/students-teachers-may-eligible-get-office-free/

Here is the signup link  https://portal.office.com/start?sku=e82ae690-a2d5-4d76-8d30-7c6e01e6022e#